How to effectively use your Caspersmile Aligners
How to effectively use your Caspersmile Aligners

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Please be aware that certain steps in the process may only include one aligner. This is because certain teeth require more movement than others. Remember that each mouth is different and your treatment was made 100% for you.

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Learn how to correctly interpret the labeling on each clear aligner bag.
Always Keep in Mind:



Wear your Caspersmile aligners for at least 22 hours daily.



Switch to a fresh set every 10 days.



Always wash your hands before handling your aligners.



Carefully remove and replace aligners one at a time, using both hands.

How to wear clear aligners

Check the step number on the label before you start. And don't forget, clean hands are a must!
How to wear clear aligners-1


First, pick an aligner from its bag. Handle one aligner at a time.
How to wear clear aligners-2


Give it a gentle rinse in lukewarm water.
How to wear clear aligners-3


Is it for the top or bottom? Match it up with your teeth to see.
How to wear clear aligners-4


Gently place the aligner over your teeth and ease it into place using your fingers.
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Avoid forcing the aligners into position by biting, as this can damage them.

How to remove clear aligners

How to remove clear aligners-1


Wash your hands with soap and water.

How to remove clear aligners-2


Gently lift the edge of the aligner from the back tooth with your index finger.

How to remove clear aligners-3


Repeat on the other side before attempting full removal.

How to remove clear aligners-4


Carefully extract the aligner from the middle, using both hands.

How to remove clear aligners-5


Wash and let it dry, or pat dry with a paper towel, then store it in its case right away.

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Follow the same steps for the other aligner.

How to take care of clear aligners


    • Store your Caspersmile aligners in the provided case while eating or brushing.
    • Always use the case to prevent loss, damage, or contamination. 
    • Keep your next set of aligners in their bag until needed.
    • Store used aligners in their pouch until the treatment concludes.

Daily maintenance

    • Clean them with a soft-bristled brush and mild soap.
    • Brush inside and out. Cleaning the outer surface is easier while wearing them.
    • Rinse thoroughly with water. Avoid using hot water as it can warp or damage your aligners.

Keep them transparent

    • NEVER soak them in mouthwash.
    • AVOID wearing them while consuming colored beverages.
    • Steer clear of denture cleaning solutions.



Remove aligners to eat or drink anything besides water.


Brush and floss after each meal or snack before reinserting aligners.


If brushing isn't possible, rinse your mouth well and clean the aligners under running water.


With Caspersmile, you don't need to see your orthodontist every month to modify your treatment.

Dos and Don'ts


    • Keep those aligners in their case when they're not busy making you look great.
    • A clean mouth is an aligner's best friend – brush and floss before wearing them.
    • Protect aligners from extreme temperatures and sunlight.
    • Clean aligners before to each use.
    • Use lukewarm or cool water for cleaning.
    • Opt for a soft-bristled brush for dental care.


    • Keep all sharp objects away from your aligners.
    • Never leave aligners unguarded; always use their case.
    • Don't clean them with hot water to prevent damage.
    • Refrain from using denture cleaners or mouthwash on aligners.
    • Eating or drinking with them in? That's a hard pass.
    • Don't bite down on aligners for positioning; this could harm them.



Maintain your smile

Preserve your new smile post-treatment with retainers. They're crucial for keeping your teeth in position. The first set is included with your aligners. Wear them for 22 hours daily for the initial 6 months, then nightly for the following 6 months.


Need more help?

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Does the treatment hurt?

It is normal to feel discomfort when starting treatment. It's a sign that your teeth are moving and the aligners are working. Usually, the discomfort will go away after the first few days. If you think the pain is excessive, contact us immediately.

Does using Clear Aligners affect the way I speak?

As with any orthodontic treatment, you may have a lining at the beginning of your treatment. Once your tongue gets used to the aligners, it'll disappear.

What if an aligner doesn't match my teeth?

Caspersmile's treatment is done from a model of your teeth in their current position. Each step is different from the previous one to move them until the teeth are in the right place. The first few days are expected to not fully fit until the teeth settle. If you think an aligner needs alignment, write to us.

Are there food restrictions like with clear aligners?

No, The Caspersmile aligners can be removed to eat, so you don't need to change your diet during treatment.


Did you lose a teeth aligner or retainer?