Our commitment to you
Our commitment to you

We don't just make empty claims, we walk the talk.

Money-Back Guarantee

As your perfect smile partner, Caspersmile is committed to quality and customer satisfaction. 

Upon receiving your impressions, our smile specialists will use state-of-the-art technology to evaluate the viability of creating a treatment plan tailored to your concerns. If, for any reason, our specialists determine that you’re not a suitable candidate for the clear aligner treatment, we will promptly inform you and offer a full refund.

Smile Perfection Guarantee

If any aspect of your smile falls short of your complete satisfaction as outlined in your approved treatment plan, rest assured that we will rectify it at no extra cost. To claim the guarantee, you must:

  • Maintain Daily Aligner Wear: Strict adherence to instructions is crucial; therefore, wear your aligners as prescribed. (22 hrs a day for All-Day Caspersmile & 10 hrs straight for NightOnly Caspersmile)
  • Avoid Aligner Modification: Any alterations to your aligners, such as incorporating decorative elements without consulting your clinical team, will render your guarantee void.
  • Hold onto Your Aligners: Keep all your aligners in the provided protective case until your treatment is completed and you start wearing retainers. This precaution is vital, as you might need to revert to a previous aligner due to issues or if you lose or damage one.
  • Practice Dental Hygiene: Support the health of your smile through daily dental care, encompassing brushing and flossing. These practices not only have positive effects on your overall health but also assist in the optimal movement of teeth during treatment.
  • Refrain from Unnecessary Dental Work: During your clear aligner treatment, avoid unnecessary dental procedures to safeguard your treatment plan. Refrain from elective procedures, as they may void your guarantee.
  • Share Progress: Email our smile specialists photos of your teeth while wearing the clear aligners at the start, midway, and end of your teeth straightening journey to share and monitor your progress.
  • Wear Your Retainers: After completing your treatment, ensure retainer wear for 22 hours daily over the next six months..

Failure to adhere to these guidelines may void your Smile Perfection Guarantee, potentially leading to additional refinement costs ranging from £200 to £300, depending on your unique circumstances, to bring your progress back on course.