Create perfect dental impressions at home
Create perfect dental impressions at home

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Caspersmile's at-home teeth straightening guide

Unlock your perfect smile by following simple guidelines

Ensure you have these essentials before beginning



Ensure a comfortable fit of the trays before using the impression material



Have a timer on hand to monitor your impression process.



Gather the base and catalyst components. Mix them only when you're ready to start.



The kit includes gloves. Wear them to maintain cleanliness during the process.


Cheek Retractor

Included in the kit to help you stretch your mouth and insert the trays.

Prepare to Impress

Prior to taking your impressions, ensure a clean and smooth process by adhering to these steps.

01 Sanitize your hands

01 Sanitize your hands

Begin by thoroughly washing and sanitizing your hands.

02 Clean your teeth

02 Clean your teeth

Brush and floss to remove any particles from your teeth.

03 Fit test

03 Fit test

Ensure the trays fit in your mouth before adding the putty material. In case of a misfit, please contact us for precise sizing assistance at (+44) 1736-800-965

How to create precise dental impressions?

How to create precise dental impressions?
How to create precise dental impressions?

4 key tips to keep in mind

Your aligner journey depends on your ability to make an excellent first dental impression.

  • Start by thoroughly mixing the impression material.
  • Ensure each impression material is used only once to get a clear imprint.
  • Refrain from reusing material for better impressions.
  • Maintain steady pressure to accurately capture the contours of your gums and molars.

How to spot Less-Than-Perfect dental impressions

Bad impression #1

Bad impression #1

Presence of drag marks.

To avoid these, wait until the material is fully set before removal and extract it straight down for upper impressions and straight up for lower ones.

Bad impression #2

Bad impression #2

Improperly mixed material.

Blend the putties until a uniform color is achieved, without any streaks. Perform this step right before placing the material in the trays.

Bad impression #3

Bad impression #3

Movement of teeth during the process.

If the tray shifts, it can distort the impression. Securely hold the tray to prevent movement for a reliable impression.

Bad impression #4

Bad impression #4

Inconsistent pressure.

When applying the material, use your fingertips to evenly distribute it across your dental arch, ensuring it covers both gums and molars. Check for complete coverage front and back.

Let’s begin

Start with the upper jaw impression. Focus on one tray at a time.

Step 1. Mix and Mold the Material

Your kit includes white and colored putty. Wear gloves and mix them into a single, uniform color.

The material sets in 60 seconds.

 Mix and Mold the Material-Within 25-30 secs.

Within 25-30 secs.

Mixing: Combine the white and colored putties until they form a consistent color with no streaks.
 Mix and Mold the Material-Within 5 secs.

Within 5 secs.

Rolling: Form the mixed putty into a ball, then roll it into a 4-inch long cylinder.
 Mix and Mold the Material-Within 5-10 secs.

Within 5-10 secs.

Placing: Insert the putty into the tray, filling it evenly and reaching the tray's edges. Do not press hard.

Step 2. First Impression

Place the tray with putty in your mouth, centering it. Keep the tray handle below your nose for alignment. Bite down and press the tray onto your teeth for a full impression.
Hold for 4 minutes 30 seconds. Afterward, remove the tray by pulling it straight down.
First Impression

4 mins 30 sec

Step 3. Repeat for lower teeth

Now, make impressions of your lower teeth, repeating the process twice for both upper and lower arches. Send all four impressions for evaluation.

Repeat for lower teeth

Within 25-30 secs.

Mix the putties to achieve a uniform color.
Repeat for lower teeth

Within 5 secs.

Shape and place the putty in the tray for your lower teeth.
Repeat for lower teeth

4 mins 30 sec

Follow these guides to ensure accurate impressions.

Step 4. Photograph your teeth

Insert the cheek retractor and take close-up photos of your mouth and gums. Ensure good lighting or use your phone's flash. Email these photos to us:
Photograph your teeth
Front Teeth: Take a front photo with your jaws closed.
Photograph your teeth
Right Side: Capture the right side of your mouth with jaws closed.
Photograph your teeth
Left Side: Photograph the left side in the same manner.
Photograph your teeth
Lower Teeth: Open wide and photograph your lower molars.
Photograph your teeth
Upper Teeth: Similarly, photograph your upper molars.

Step 5. Send your impressions


Congratulations on completing your impressions!

Prepare them for return by removing the cardboard lining and placing them back in the box (keep the putty in the trays). Cover the old shipping label with the pre-paid return label. Seal the package with the provided sticker.


Need more help?

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Here are some of the most frequently asked questions:

How to ship back my dental impressions?

A pre-paid return envelope is included. Don't discard it. After completing your impressions, place them in the envelope and mail them back.

How long does it take to get my treatment plan?

Expect 4–6 weeks. Send your impressions quickly, complete your account information, and submit your photos to expedite the process.

How do I know if my impressions are correct?

We need one accurate impression of each arch. The kit includes extra putties. Send back your impressions for evaluation. If necessary, we'll provide a replacement kit.

For more questions you can contact us at: