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How to fix gaps in teeth without getting braces

Do you get conscious every time you have to smile due to the gaps in your teeth? Well, not anymore. When it comes to teeth gaps, dental braces are considered the ideal treatment to bring alignment to teeth and fill gaps. However, if you are scared of braces or do not feel like undergoing prolonged treatment, you will be glad to know there are alternate options other than braces that will help fix gap teeth.

In this blog, we will provide different alternate options to fix gaps in teeth without getting braces.

Causes of Teeth Gaps

A diastema or teeth gap is having space between two teeth. These gaps can appear anywhere in the mouth. However, it is usually common in the upper front teeth, also known as midline diastema. These gaps can be seen in both children and adults. The possible causes of teeth gaps are as follows.

Missing Teeth

children are born with a missing tooth, which leaves a space as they grow. Moreover, the teeth often get stuck in the bone, which further results in space.

Size of Tooth

Some people have smaller sized teeth which results in spaces between the teeth.


Genetics plays an essential role in the healthy development of teeth. It is known to be one of the causes of tooth gaps, especially in the front teeth. However, you can fix the gap in front teeth.


You are often told to take care of your teeth from the early stages of life. However, a lack of proper oral health can result in gum disease. It later leads to gap teeth.

How to fix gaps in teeth without braces?

Orthodontic treatment, or dental braces, is a treatment plan for misalignment and correcting teeth spaces. However, patients who cannot undergo braces treatment can still opt for other options to fix teeth without braces.

The following are the ways to fix teeth gaps without braces.

Dental Bridges

A dental bridge is an effective way that helps to fix gap teeth without braces. However, having healthy teeth on either side is important for a dental bridge.

Dental Implant

Your orthodontist might recommend a dental implant to fix gaps in teeth due to missing teeth. The surgeon inserts the screw-like device in the jaw, which acts as an anchor for the crown or an artificial tooth.

Dental Bonding

Dental bonding, also known as cosmetic bonding, can help eliminate teeth gaps. The process includes the application of tooth-colored resin, which is later hardened with the help of a light.

Clear Aligners

You can achieve the smile of your dreams even without braces. Clear Aligners is a known and effective invisible method to fix tooth gaps. They exert mild pressure that moves teeth together, filling the gaps.


Dental Veneers are another way to fix your tooth gaps. These are porcelain or resin-composite-made shells permanently attached to your teeth to fix the gap. The number of veneers varies from patient to patient, depending on the severity and requirement.

Summing Up

Dental Braces come with metallic parts and wires, which is a horror for some patients. However, it doesn’t mean you cannot achieve the smile of your dreams. You can still get the brighter smile of your dreams by opting for any other effective way to fix the gap in your teeth.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can we fix teeth gaps without braces?

Teeth gaps can be fixed without braces through various methods, including dental bridges, dental implants, invisible aligners, dental veneers, and more.

How do dental bridges fix tooth gaps?

A dental bridge is an effective way to fix teeth gaps without braces. However, patients must have healthy teeth on either side to secure the bridge.

What causes teeth gaps?

Gaps in teeth can cause genetics, periodontitis, missing teeth, or smaller teeth.

Can teeth gaps go away?

Yes, teeth gaps can be filled in different effective ways. Dental braces are one of the treatment plans for teeth gaps. However, patients can also look forward to other ways to consult with your orthodontist.

How Clear Aligners Fix Teeth Gaps?

Invisible Clear Aligners are a known way to fix teeth gaps. These clear aligners apply mild pressure on teeth that helps fill the gap and achieve a better smile.